Happy Birthday!

Exactly 1 year ago on February 25, 2007 the Google Maps community GLOTTER.com launched. On this side a big “thanks” to all active users and recurring visitors.

What is GLOTTER after year 1?

– Easy Web-Mapping! Creating new entries is intuitive and as easy as pie.

– Compatibly! As we use KML for overlaying the placemarks all GLOTTER World maps can be viewed in a wide range of third party websites or tools.

– Convenience! All maps can be embedded in other websites.

– Fun! It’s just fun exploring new maps on GLOTTER.

– Service! The useful Services enjoy great popularity.

Some “highlights” in the first year have been:

– The classic “Bermuda-Triangle”.

– Very useful is the entry “Flags of the world”.

– Whole Europe can’t wait for the “EURO 2008” in Austria and Switzerland to begin.

– With “funny Google Maps views” you will see the world with other eyes.

– On 07.07.07 the “worldwide LiveEarth concerts” sent a message for climate protection.

– A funny “Video-introduction to Google Maps”.

– etc.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2nd year and are thrilled about looking at upcoming great entries!