Happy 4th Birthday GLOTTER!

4 years ago GLOTTER was launched and to celebrate this event, we implemented some useful design improvements. The “Description”, “Videos”, “Slideshows”, the “Logbook” and “Map Actions” are sorted in an accordion and can be faded in/out which results in a much better overview in the Mapview mode and improves usability.

Furthermore the design of the map type controls has changed recently. In addition some minor code changes with positive effects on speed and compatibility in browers have been implemented.

Mapplets depreceated in the new Google Maps API and are not supported by Google anymore. That’s why we decided to drop the Mapplets (“Embed maps in Google Maps”) feature.

For our users not much will change because it’s possible to view and store GLOTTER maps in Google Maps via KML. The KML link can be found below every entry and can be accessed with a single click.