Bund Österreichischer Braumeister und Brauereitechniker

The Bund Österreichischer Braumeister und Brauereitechniker is an association of Austrian brewing members who have united for continuing education and to keep in touch with former colleagues.

Our goal was to design and develop a state-of-the-art website with an internal data administration, reasonable automation, a self-service for members in order to allow one person to manage the complete administration “besides the job”.

The new design has been developed from scratch with a new logo, appealing font styles and a modern color scheme. All coming with an exceptional passion to detail.

Existing user data from the old website had to be consolidated with other data sources before it could be migrated to the new system.

GDPR compliance was an important requirement. Now members can keep control of their data souveranity and since the platform also needs to store private information, users can request private data exports.

A Nextcloud setup makes sure that file sharing of internal documents and photos is secure and stays private.

From a technical perspective the website offers a user registration with manual approval, user login and a user profile directory where members can present themselves and connect with each other. Of course there is also a news section, events incl. event registrations, a job exchange section and a page listing condolence cards. Some areas are only accessible for logged in users.

A challenge was to consider different user permissions for different user roles. There are board members, representatives for Austrian provinces, regular members, honorary members, supporting members, etc.

The annual association fees can be sent out semiautomatically in realtime. For internal event registrations a web store solution incl. invoicing and electronic payment has been implemented.
Open and completed invoices are stored in the user profile and can be downloaded anytime. Payment is handled via credit card, Paypal or via classic bank transfer.

All in all this project was complex and challenging but satisfying for everyone involved. And in the long run, the new platform can also save time, money and resources thanks to automation and replacement of direct mailing with emails. That’s how digital transformation works.

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