<i> Toolbar
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<i> Toolbar

“<i> Toolbar” is a WordPress plugin that integrates a simple Icon Picker in rich-text block toolbars.

This plugin incorporates the Bootstrap Icons library (1300+ pixel perfect icons) which are provided by the Bootstrap team.

Icons can be selected via an autofilter and added with one click.

Usability was a key factor during development. You don’t have to fiddle with [shortcodes] since it uses the webfonts technology which seamlessly integrates in the content area.

The plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin directory.

Open the WordPress Editor, add a new paragraph (or any other rich-text bock) with content, access the toolbar and click on “<i>”. Select an icon. That’s it!

The source code ist licensed under GPLv2+ and available for free on Github.

100% OpenSource