A new design for GLOTTER

Today we unveiled a design update for GLOTTER. Our goal was to further point out the content and to streamline the visual appearance. All in all the website now is fresher, cleaner and has a more modern look & feel!

Design changes

  • New logo in “flat design”
  • New colors
  • New font
  • Maps in normal mode are displayed in full width by default

New functions and bugfixes

  • Since the Geocoder is one of our most popular services, we thought that it would be useful to integrate a Geocoder function to the main search field. From now on you can also search for locations – besides the GLOTTER entries – all from the same input field and of course with an autocomplete function. Please note that for legal reasons this only works, if a Google Map has been implemented on the page.
  • Futhermore we implemented a lot of changes and bugfixes which mostly affect the Responsive Design.

Google Maps

  • The maps received a fresh new look with a new default Marker, new Info window design and new map controls.
  • Google recently released a major Satellite map imagery update (no clouds anymore!).

We are confident that this is the best release so far and that the changes will be well received by our users and visitors.

As usual we are looking forward to receiving your feedback. Have a great summer!

P.S.: The Google Maps API which has been used by GLOTTER since the beginning, celebrates its 8th anniversary shortly (N.B.: GLOTTER celebrated its 6th birthday earlier this year). Nowadays more than one million active websites and apps use the Google Maps API and reach one billion users every week – that’s half of the Internet. We are happy to be a (small) part of this success story!