*I create digital solutions being a Dreamer, a Realist, a Critic and an Adviser at the same time, take the liberty of breaking out of the mundane, see things differently, put quality always first, and prefer long-term client relationships with integrity over short-term quick money. And I don’t believe the Earth is flat.


Do things right.


We live in exceptional times. New technologies are ushering in the transformation to an information and knowledge society that will make us more active and productive in our everyday lives.


The future belongs to those who see change as an opportunity, initiate the process of change at an early stage, break down barriers and remain creative.


The demand – and at the same time the challenge – is to design simple, adaptable and future-proof applications without compromising.

Core values

Good cooperation is based on dealing with each other openly, with trust and with integrity.

Common rules help to ensure planning certainty.

what you do

Fulfillment comes from a wealth of ideas and visions that encourage you to think outside the box and approach new challenges with optimism.

Good Karma

Open source and the associated freedoms are drivers of digitization that make innovation possible in the first place.

The basic idea of freely available software is based on give and take. Everyone can make a contribution from which one always benefits.

The journey is the reward

Leaving the comfort zone from time to time and entering new territory broadens the horizon and is what moves projects forward.

Nothing lasts forever. So we need to make sure that the web stays free, open and accessible to everyone.

Selected projects

Heart, brain and a bit of magic.

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Art Direction
Self-Storage Operator
Recruitment of IT-Jobs
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Organic movement
Non profit association
Qlik Reporting Suite
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Yoga Studio
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