Relaunching a new

Just in time for the 12th birthday GLOTTER received an entire refactoring. We can even call it a complete new modification which makes GLOTTER ready for the future.

  • Mobile First. During the development the increased mobile use* has been considered.
    • *Desktop users have been overtaken by Mobile users (mobile phones und tablets) which represent about 60% on GLOTTER.
    • By using modern browser technologies GLOTTER can now be used as an installable web app. Simply add it to the Home screen of your mobile device.
    • Various speed optimizations in all areas considerably speed up the execution time.
  • Clean-up. Old functions have been removed or rewritten and new workflows provide an optimized user experience.
  • New design. The usability and ease of use have been refined and make sure that the website now just looks better.


  • Modern Redesign.
  • New future proof technical foundation.
  • New Permalink structure (old links are redirected automatically).
  • Integration of oEmbed which allows users to embed content from external websites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in an easy way.
  • Native web app features with offline support for improved performance – especially on mobile devices.
  • Better caching.
  • KML Support has been dropped as this file format is not supported by the Mapbox API.
  • The Collab feature which allowed to work an a map with friends has been removed. It seems that it was too complicated to use and has never been embraced by the users.
  • The direct integration of marker images by including a link to the resource on an external server has been dropped. Adding a proper information about the image license in the according field has not always been used as indicated. Instead images now can be embedded with oEmbed by adding a link. Supported oEmbed providers for images are Flickr, Imgur, Instagram und Photobucket.

Have fun with the new features and be sure to stay tuned for further technical improvements which will be implemented in the near future.

If you would like to submit feedback, feel free to use the new Webform.